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Blackberry Jam Fruit

The blackberry jam fruit is native to Columbia. The fruit has a hard shell with a sweet black pulp inside. It is not however related to the blackberry, which is a different fruit. 

Growing Blackberry Jam Plant

It is a small shrub that does not grow taller than 6 feet. It is ideal to grow in a container. A 10 to 20 liter pot would be sufficient.


The plant is drought-tolerant and can withstand cold winters as well. It prefers a slightly acidic, but well drained soil. Though the plant doesn't grow very tall, it develops a dense foliage. It can grow in either full sun or partial shade.

Blackberry Jam Plant can be easily maintained on a terrace or in a home garden.


 Fruit Description And Taste

The plant usually begins to bear fruit after two years.

The round fruit is just about an inch in diameter. It has a sweet, black-colored pulp inside. The fruit does not fall off after ripening. If it is not picked, it dries out on the plant.

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