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Breadfruit is a species of flowering tree that grows widely in tropical regions. It belongs to the Moraceae family and the Artocarpus genus. Hence, it is closely related to tropical fruits such as jackfruit. Breadfruit is natively found in the Polynesian islands, New Guinea, the Maluku Islands, the Philippines, and the Caribbean Islands.

It is now widely cultivated in South and Southeast Asia, the Caribbean islands, Central America, and Africa.


Growing Breadfruit

Breadfruit is a fast-growing tree. It grows in a wide variety of climatic conditions. A well-drained soil with good organic content is best suited for growing breadfruit. Air-layered plants typically produce fruit in two years. Apart from removing dead branches, the breadfruit tree does not require pruning.

Breadfruit Taste And Description

A single fruit, on average, weighs about 1 kg. It has a rich nutrient profile, and is used as a starchy staple food in many tropical regions. The fruit picked from the tree will not mature or ripen any further. When fully ripe, it will become soft and pale yellow. Breadfruit is used as a vegetable, and for this, the fully mature fruit is picked before it ripens. If the fruits are for sale, then they should not be allowed to fall to the ground during harvesting, which will impact their their shelf life. However, it should not make a difference when used immediately for home use.

The skin of the fruit has milky-colored latex, which is seen as small droplets.There are three stages of maturity for the breadfruit. green, mature, and ripe. The immature fruit has a fresh green colour and a rubbery texture, and it has less flavour. A developed or mature fruit has a smooth texture, and the bright green outer colour turns to a pale yellow-green colour. This is the best time to harvest the fruit.A mature breadfruit may be refrigerated to slow down the ripening; otherwise, it will ripen in 2–3 days.


Nutritional content

It has very impressive nutritional content that provides many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It contains fibre and proteins, including essential amino acids that are valuable in controlling diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels, and promoting healthy skin and hair. Apart from these, it also contains vitamins C, B1, and B5 and minerals like potassium and copper, which help strengthen the immune system and prevent infection.

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