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Kokum is cultivated or collected from the wild for its fruit, which is rich in medicinal value and used as a spice. It is mainly cultivated in the Konkan region. Kokum trees are also grown as shade trees in coffee and tea plantations.

Kokum belongs to the same family as that of Malabar tamarind and mangosteen.
The tree does not become very large. Kokum prefers a warm and humid coastal climate.

  • Common names: Kokum, Raja Puli, Pinar Puli, Pinampuli
  • Scientific name: Garcinia indica
  • Botanical family: Clusiaceae
  • Edibility rating: 6/10
  • Health benefits: 6/10

About Kokum Fruit

The fruit is a very attractive round berry with a deep red to purple colour when fully ripe, the inside of which looks very similar to that of mangosteen.

It has a sour flavour and is commonly used as a souring agent in Indian cuisine, similar to the Malabar tamarind.

Kokum fruit is also used to make a popular drink called 'Konkani Sol Kadhi," or simply 'solkadhi," which is a combination of kokum and coconut milk.

The kokum sherbat is another refreshing drink, especially during the hot summer months when it can cool the body.

The fruit is dried and is used in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes.
Medicinally, kokum has been used to treat various ailments, including digestive issues and skin conditions.

It is used to make Kokum butter which is used in cooking and in the production of cosmetics and soaps.

How to make Kokum butter (Goa butter)

The seeds of the kokum are removed, dried, and made into a fine powder. This powder is then boiled in water, resulting in an oily layer at the top, which is collected separately. This, when cooled, becomes a rich, creamy solid rich in essential fats. This is melted, filtered, and made to cool to form Kokum butter.

Growing Kokum Plant

Kokum grows well in a warm, humid climate with a neutral pH soil. Leave a distance of about 6 metres between plants for adequate air circulation and sunlight. It may be grown in partially shaded conditions too.

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Introducing the Saphal Sweet Kokum, Raja Puli Plant, a delightful medicinal, spice, and fruit plant that will add a touch of exotic flavour to your garden.Easy to grow and maintain, the Kokum Raja Puli is perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Its vibrant, deep purple fruits are not only a flavour-enhancing spice but can also be used to make refreshing drinks to cool your body during the summer.

Saphal Sweet kokum is a hybrid variety graft plant which is sweeter and less sour than the usual Kokum fruit.

  • Variety Name: Sweet Kokum
  • Scientific name: Garcinia indica
  • Propagation method: Grafting
  • Plant size: Large
  • Supplier: Saphal Agro

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