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Scramberry, Loobikka, Indian Coffee Plum

The scramberry or the Loobikka is generally known as a sour tasting berry, though the fully ripe ones will have a little sweetness. However, Sweet Loobi, which are hybrid varieties are now available.

Loobikka also has very small pods on the inside. The seeds bear fruit four or five years later and bear fruit for forty or fifty years. The Looobi, which is a small tree, grows as a house tree. 

Common names: Loobikka, Lovlolika, Sruvavrksha, Indian coffee plum, Indian sour cherry, Scramberry

Edible Uses

Loobikka chutney is made by crushing ripe loobikka with salt and green chillies and pouring coconut oil over it. It is also suitable for mixing salted loobikka and green chillies.It can be used for pickling due to its high acidity and for making jams as it is well ripened. Loobikka is also used as a sweetener in fish curries.

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Sweet Loobi, or sweet scramberry, is a hybrid variety that is sweet and edible, unlike the original scramberry, which is difficult to consume raw due to its sourness. Sweet loobi is easy to grow in containers.

Variety Name: Sweet Loobi

Scientific name: Flacourtia jangomas

Propagation method: Bud

Plant size: Medium

Supplier: Saphal Agro

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