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Mamey Sapote

Mamey sapote trees are a great choice for those looking for a beautiful tree that produces delicious fruit.

Mammy sapote is widely grown in Latin America and in the United States, such as in Florida and Hawaii. The tree is very beautiful, growing up to 15 to 25 metres tall. However, grafted Mamey Sapote trees can be very short.


Growing Mamey Sapote

Tropical climates with well-drained loamy soils are ideal for growing Mamey Sapote.

It takes 3–4 years for grafted plants to mature. Because of the long gestation period from flowering to mature fruit, it is common for the tree to have flowers, mature fruits, and immature fruits all at the same time.


Harvesting Mamey Sapote

Lightly scratch the skin of the Mamey sapote, and it will reveal this reddish pink inside. The reddish pink tone is a sign that the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked, and you can let it ripen off the tree. This is a useful tip for anyone who is harvesting green sapote fruit.


Mamey sapote description and taste

Mamey sapote, when ripe, has a lovely reddish pink color inside, which is a little bit like papaya and very much like the green sapote to which it's closely related.


Mamey sapote fruits are high in vitamins and minerals. It has leaves that can grow up to 1 foot long and are clustered at the tips of the branches. It blooms in the form of axillary racemes.

After two years of flowering, the fruits mature. It takes five to six days for the fruit to ripen.


The fruits can be eaten raw or added to ice cream, pudding, and fruit salads. The Mamey sapote tree also serves as an ornamental tree.

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