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Kalapadi Mango

The Kalapadi mango tree has a short growth habit and can be grown compactly. It grows best in full sun, but can manage in slightly shade conditions too. It is named after the place Kalapadi in Tamil Nadu where it was originally found.

It produces bunches of juicy, delicious mangoes every year. It has a powdery texture on its skin and is generally devoid of pest issues. 

Kalapadi mangoes have an average size, with 6-7 making a kilogram. It has a thick skin and when ripe, has a yellow-orange pulp with very less fibre. Though most of the fruiting happens during season, it produces multiple times a year.

Its pleasant aroma and sweet taste make it a very popular mango variety.

Kalapadi mango is a very good choice for growing in containers.

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Saphal Kalapadi Mango Graft Plants

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Kalapadi mangoes are known for their pleasant aroma and taste. It fruits 2-3 times a year and can also grow in slightly shaded conditions. The powdery coating on its skin protects it from fruit flies and other pests. Kalapadi mango plants take very little space to grow as it is a small tree.

Variety Name: Kalapadi Mango

Scientific name:  Mangifera indica

Propagation method: Grafting

Plant size: Medium

Supplier: Saphal Agro

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