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Chilli Powder

Best quality chilli powder from trusted home grown brands.

Brand: Bhasuram

Quantity : 250 gm

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Chilli Powder is an essential ingredient in most Indian cooking. Not a day passes without consuming some amount of chilli powder. Hence it is important that the chilli powder we use is unadulterared and of good quality. Since it is usually a very competitievely priced item in the grocery store, it is not uncommon that the product is adulterated.

How to check adulteration in Chilli Powder?

Please us this simple method to check if the Chilli powder you use is unadulterated.Take a glass of water and gently put a teaspoon of chilli powder at the top. Unaduletrated chilli powder will slowly settle as small globules without making the red in colour. If the water turns red, the chilli powder is adulterated. Most common chilli adulterants are brick powder and talcum, soapstone and sudan red.

Packed by Bhasuram S H G., Poolani, Chalakudi, Kerala


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