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Saphal Sabara Jaboticaba Layer Plants

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Variety Name: Sabara

Scientific name: Plinia cauliflora

Propagation method: Layer

Plant size: Medium

Supplier: Saphal Agro

Sabara is a very tasty variety of jaboticaba.  Layered Sabara Jabuticaba plants matures in 2-3 years time. Seedlings may take 10 years or more to mature.

The jabuticaba fruit is unique in that it grows directly on the trunk and branches of the tree. This is rather than from the ends of the branches like most other fruit trees. Jabuticaba or Jaboticaba is native to Brazil. 

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Gone are the days when you planted a jackfruit seedling and waited for 7–10 years to know which variety of jackfruit it produced. With Vietnam super early jackfruit bud plants, you can start getting good quality jackfruit from the next year onwards.

The tree doesn't get very big, reaching a maximum height of 15 feet with a 10–12 foot canopy spread. Because of this, harvesting is an easy task. The harvesting of jackfruits used to be the most tedious task.

Variety Name: Vietnam Super Early Jack

Scientific name: Artocarpus heterophyllus

Propagation method: Budding

Plant size: Medium

Supplier: Saphal Agro

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Saphal Macadamia Nut Plants

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Macadamia primarily grown for their delicious nuts. The tree has an ornamental foliage and so used for landscaping as well. Macadamia nuts are roasted and salted or used by bakers and chocolatiers in confections and chocolates.

Scientific name: Macadamia integrifolia 

Propagation method: Seedling

Plant size: Large

Supplier: Saphal Agro

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Scientific name:  Diospyros blancoi

Propagation method: Seedling

Plant size: Medium

Supplier: Saphal Agro

Velvet apple tree is cultivated for its fruit and wood, most commonly as a backyard tree, and it is also frequently used as a shade tree along the sides of roads. It is also grown as an ornamental tree because of its attractive leaves and fruit.

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