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Yellow Corn Flour, Maize, Kambham, Cholam Podi

Hygeinically packed Pure unprocessed Corn flour, (Kambha Podi, Chola podi).
Corn is a cereal grain rich in fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Corn powder is usually available as a fine yellow powder. It has more or less the same protein content as wheat and rice.

Brand: Bhasuram Souhruda Kada

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The yellow corn flour is used to make 'makke ke roti', a popular variety of chapati in the northern part of India.

The popular yellow upma is prepared using the corn rawa (coarse corn powder). When corn rawa is not available, regular yellow corn flower mixed with regular rawa may be used.

It is important to note that refined corn starch (also called corn flour some times), which is available as a fine white powder, does not have many of the benefits of unprocessed or powdered corn.

Packed by Bhasuram S H G., Poolani, Chalakudi, Kerala.


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