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Cat Fruit

Cat fruit blooms in February and March. Cat fruit flowers have a cat's hair-like appearance, hence the name. The cat fruit plant is easy to grow.

Cat fruit description and taste

Cat fruit belongs to the same family as water apples, and it has a similar sweet-sour taste.

Growing Cat Fruit

The cat fruit plant grows to a height of up to 12 metres but is often much shorter. Flowers look very much like those of a water apple. Propagation is done through seedlings and grafted plants. The latter produces fruits much earlier.

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Scientific name: Syzygium zeylanicum

Propagation method: Seedling

Plant size: Medium

Supplier: Saphal Agro

Cat fruit, botanically Syzygium zeylanicum, or Poochapazham, as it is called in the southern states, is an easy-to-grow fruit plant with white coloured fruits that have a sweet-sour taste. 

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